Directory Submissions

If you or your community organisation would like to add to this section, please reach out to [email protected]

Service List is a national directory of trans and gender diverse services and community groups, it means a lot to us that you are taking the time to help us grow our list of services on our website as we are building this up. Currently we are looking for all kinds of trans inclusive services, businesses and community groups.
If you want to submit a service and aren't sure how, please send any details that you have to [email protected] and we'll reach out to ask you for more details.

What category are you submitting?(Required)
- Clinics are for places where it's more than a single doctor providing services.
- Doctor is for when it's a single doctor at a larger clinic.
- Community Group includes peer support groups.
- Mental Health Support includes psychologists and counsellors.
- Psychiatrist is for registered psychologists, particularly those able to write letters of support for HRT or surgery.
- Resources are places like TransHub that provide incredible information or other resources for the community.
- Surgeons are people that offer various surgical options specifically for trans patients.
- Voice Training is for training your voice.
- Friendly Businesses include hairdressers and suppliers of gender affirming clothing and anything else friendly to the community.
- Trans Business is where a business is run by someone who is trans or gender diverse.
- Events are for various events like pride events and whatnot.
- Place of Worship is for trans-inclusive places of worship, ie churches and the likes.
- HRT Provider is for a doctor or clinic that can prescribe hormone replacement therapy for trans folks.
- If we haven't included your category, please let us know by sending us an email at [email protected]
If your service has a physical address or focuses on a particular city, please list it here. If your service is online, please also let us know here. This is how we add it to our map so we need something that Google maps recognises. If there's more than 1 location, please list that. We'll add a directory listing for each address.
If it's a small part of their offering, for example a trans clinic as part of a bigger health service, please provide the link directly to the trans clinic page. This also works for community groups and the likes as well.
This question isn't mandatory but can help immensely with contacting the service to request permission.
This question isn't mandatory but can help immensely with contacting the service to request permission.
Is your service or group only open to particular ages, or maybe it runs only on certain days, or at certain times, or just anything that you want to tell us, please let us know here.