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Abbie - is a national directory of trans and gender diverse services and community groups.
Equality Australia

#TransEquality – Trans rights as human rights survey

Hey folks, we’ve recently been sent a survey by the fantastic team of #TransEquality from Equality Australia and we wanted to take the time to share it here with you all as it will help immensely inform government and the Australian Human Rights Commission …

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Research call for trans people who have been incarcerated in Australian prisons

Hello everyone! We recently had someone send us this and we wanted to help share a call for participants for a research project on the experiences of trans people in Australian prisons. They’re looking for people who are over 18, who identify anywhere outside of cis, and who have spent time in an Australian prison at any time in the past. Participation includes a 1-2 hour one-on-one interview with Charlie (research team) and it is paid.

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Seeking Feedback

Since launched a month ago, we’ve been very busy chasing up a number of new submissions for our directory, from all over the country and today we’re looking for your feedback!

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