Seeking Feedback


Since launched a month ago, we’ve been very busy chasing up a number of new submissions for our directory and today we’re looking for your feedback!

So please, let us know what worked well, what didn’t and how we can improve. We’re also seeking input for future projects and what kind of things you’d love to see from a platform like this in the future.

Currently our plans are to work to expand our news section of the website by including news from across a collection of trans and trans inclusive organisations across the country. We’re working on this at the moment but will take some time. So with that in mind, if you have ideas for improvements and extra projects that you would want to see from, we’re always open to suggestions.

Other plans include incorporating as a non-profit/charity under the Australian Charities and Non-profits Commission however there will be more information on how to get involved with that early next year when we start looking into recruiting for a board and membership. So keep an eye out for a blog post about that early next year.

If you know of extra services that we need to list, please fill out the form linked by the button, otherwise, all other feedback and improvements can be filled out in the form below.


Let us know what you think about!

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