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Western Australian birth certificates are about to become easier to update

Non-binary option for Western Australian birth certificates

Western Australians will soon have an easier time correcting the sex on their birth certificates – and non-binary will be recognised as an option alongside male and female. This follows the McGowan government’s 2022 decision to overhaul Western Australia’s birth certificate amendment process and abolish the state’s Gender Recognition Board. In comments to The West Australian (paywall), a spokesperson for the Cook government has confirmed that allowing non-binary sex markers on birth certificates will be part of these reforms. Currently, Western Australians seeking to update the sex on their birth certificates must prove they have undertaken surgical or medical intervention, supply a letter from a psychiatrist or psychologist, include letters from all medical practitioners involved in their transition, and provide two or three letters of support from friends and family, along with certified copies of identity documents. The Gender Recognition Board then meets to discuss whether a recognition certificate should

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