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There is a public campaign being waged by media outlets, extremist fringe groups and conservative lobbyists targeting trans, gender diverse and non-binary young people for their own political ends, and it’s threatening the wellbeing of trans young people by using their healthcare as a political football.

The good news is that we have the evidence and the right experts on our side. But it’s complex and hard to communicate and to refute all the myths that are constantly in the media. We can do it by using experts to create compelling, accessible communications and reach a bigger audience. By taking the time to summarise complex research, explain the nuances of trans healthcare and give regular people the opportunity to hear from trans people, we can stop the toxic debate from spreading.

We have the experts and lots of in-kind support, but we need the expert time, design and writing to ensure we can create these much needed pieces of communication material and distribute them.

Can you chip in to make it possible?

Transcend Australia are partnering with AusPATH (the peak body for health professionals working in trans healthcare), service providers and community groups. We need to take action now as we have an expert available immediately and we need to have the materials ready for distribution as soon as possible. We will be creating evidence based messaging guides, fact sheets, toolkits and resources for multiple audiences to ensure all the evidence is clearly understood and that the experts and people of lived experience are heard. And we will ensure that Transcend Australia can continue to provide family peer support services to families and caregivers supporting trans, gender diverse and non-binary young people.

Transcend Australia is an Australian registered charity with DGR status, individual donations are tax deductible. This end of financial year, we invite you to stand with us in amplifying voices, promoting empowerment, and upholding human rights.

Because that is what families and caregivers, and trans, gender diverse and non-binary young people need and deserve so that they can have opportunities to thrive and flourish. Just like everyone else.


Jeremy Wiggins – CEO, Transcend Australia

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