Bluesky Invites for Trans Folks


One of the programs run by is our Bluesky invites for trans folks program where we provide invite codes for the upcoming social media platform called Bluesky.

With the escalating attacks and hatred against trans and gender diverse folks across social media, we wanted to provide a safe space and a way out of Twitter. Especially with talk that there are plans to make people pay just to use the platform.

You can find us on Bluesky under the username

What is Bluesky?

Bluesky is an upcoming social media platform built by some of the former team behind Twitter, including Jack Dorsey (Former CEO). It runs very similarly to how Twitter used to operate, on a largely opensource platform as well. It is missing a few features such as direct messages but that is in the pipeline for the future.

Bluesky is a very friendly application with a lot of the friendly faces that you knew from other social media platforms already having a presence there.

The platform is still in early access with invite codes being required to join, or you can join via the wait list on their website at

How can I get an invite?

If you want an invite, we have a simple Google form to fill in and we’ll send you one as soon as we can. At the time of writing, we have 40 or more invites to give out, so once you submit your details, we’ll reach out.

Click here for the Google form to request an invite code.

How can I help with the program?

You can help by boosting our social media platforms to get the message across that this program is out there and available to anyone who is trans or gender diverse. Message your friends and get them to fill out the form and get a code for themselves. Or you can submit your own invite codes on the platform to our bank of codes so that we can pass them along to other trans and gender diverse folk.

Click here for the Google form to donate your codes to the program.

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