Midsumma Carnival Wrap Up and Trans.au Updates

Photo of the midsumma festival, photo courtesy of KL Joy.

So it’s been a while since I’ve made a post about our progress and I just want to spend some time today and do that now.

This was actually the first time I’d ever been able to attend Midsumma, and it was great to see so much LGBTQIA+ folk walking around, out and proud. And it was great having so many conversations about the directory and news that we’re out here building.

So with that, I was out at the carnival yesterday, keeping an eye out for new services and community groups to list, and while I have a collection of information to go through and add to the directory, we’ve been steadily growing the directory to the point where we have 391 different markers in the directory now and with more coming in regularly, and this is before I even look at my pile of extra services including several places of worship, mental health support and community groups.

Once we go through adding all of those new markers from Midsumma, we’ll be looking into adding a category for HRT Providers as well to make it easier to filter.

With that though, we’re still always taking submissions for extra markers for our maps, so please submit them below!

We also wanted to share some great things that we found across the carnival, including a survey being done by La Trobe University about being trans in Australia.

We’ve also added another organisation to our news list, the incredible Star Observer! So whenever we see news for the trans community from Star Observer, it’ll also appear on Trans.au as well! We’re still looking for news orgs to sign on and share their incredible reporting here as well where we can and would love more news from advocacy and trans news from across the country to share. We’re taking news submissions as well as organisations to join us. If you’re an organisation joining us, we’ll do all the work in reposting it, we just want to hear about it.

We are also currently raising money to upgrade our maps and make them a bit easier to use but we have a bit of a cost associated with that. Currently, we’re looking at $720 just to get the plugins to get it working properly (wordpress plugins are expensive…). So if you can support us, we’d really appreciate it.

And finally, we’re looking at incorporating in the near future and will be recruiting for the board and members to get that certified, we are looking at doing this so that we can get cheaper access to tools primarily so keep an eye out for that in the next few months.

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